Differences in parenting

I’ve been a mum of two now for over 3months, and I can confirm that parenting two kids is a lot harder than when it’s just one. So many of the things you did with your first baby go straight out the window. You don’t have the time to be so precious or worried about everything, you’re just trying to stay afloat. I can’t imagine what it’s like with more than two!

With your first baby, you don’t want to put them down, you’re constantly snuggling them, getting all those newborn cuddles. But with the second baby, you’re able to lay them down in the bassinet/bouncer, you have to be able to put them down and concentrate on your other babe at times. In saying this you’re also able to let them cry a bit. When there’s just one baby you are more inclined to pick them up the second they start crying or to not let them cry too much, because you worry about every little whine, however with that second baby it’s not as heart breaking when they cry a little plus what if the other child is on the toilet? Or climbing up the book case? Or eating dog food? You have to let the baby cry a little to attend to the gremlin doing something that urgently needs your attention.

First baby you don’t really want to put them down on the floor if your trying todo something, second baby you gravitate towards putting them down on the floor between your legs so that your able to wash your hands or make a bottle or wipe your bum! You know by now they ain’t gonna die.

First child you are constantly checking, double checking doctor google on absolutely everything. You’re comparing, researching, digesting every little ounce of information, you’re constantly doubting every move you make. Second time around you’re not concerned with all that, you know that you can keep them alive and happy, well at least you have so far! And you’re far less paranoid ( thank goodness).

With the first baby you are paranoid about doing the best you can with breastfeeding, or at least trying to stick it out for as long as possible. You make sure everything is one thousand percent sterilised and measured out to a tee, second baby you’re not as emotional about giving up on the boob, you start off with the best intentions about sterilisation and all that other crap but you know being a bit lackadaisical isn’t going to harm them!

First baby I was steadfast I wasn’t going to dress her in pink or overly girly outfits, now I honestly could not care less and more girly the better! In fact most of her wardrobe is probably pink!

First time around I made sure Milla did abundant amounts of tummy time, now Billie hates it and only lasts a few minutes or so, and it honestly doesn’t bother me.

First baby you think your an absolute legend at doing things one handed, nah ah when there’s two bubba’s you’re like next level pro at that stuff! I can now flip and make pancakes one handed! Yeah boy!

You’re never more impressed with yourself than when you make and butter toast with one hand!

First baby you kinda got the jist of packing and organising the baby bag, second baby it’s second nature you have doubles of everything so you basically never have to repack it and your always ready to get out the doors as fast as humanly possible.

I was so dubious to give Milla a dummy, it took me three days to finally give in and offer her one, two and half years later Billie was born and within hours she had a dummy without any hesitation!

First baby, you swear that your not going to let them watch too much tv or be in front of a screen for too long, second baby comes along and the screen is your free babysitter!

Easy foods are a god send, squeezy yogurts, pasta, berries, frozen snacks, toast, anything that doesn’t take too much preparation is bliss. You realise you don’t have the time to make something entirely by scratch or you start cooking and realise hubbies going to have to finish it or your going to have to put bubs in a sling to be able to feed the troops.

Here’s one I only realised the other day because my partner noticed!

With Milla I was pretty strict with getting her to nap in her bed (if she ever napped) however second baby around I let her nap in the bouncer more often than not, because really I’m a bit lazy!

You think you know what sleep deprivation is with one baby and then you come to toddler years and generally it gets a bit better, second baby you realise there’s a whole new dictionary for the meaning of sleep deprivation and usually you don’t get to nap when their napping, because one of them has out grown daytime naps no matter how much coaxing.

There really should be a new coffee selection for tired mums:

* One hour all night brew

* The baby slept the toddler needed water and snacks all night cold press

* The baby wouldn’t sleep anywhere but on me freeze dried

* Woke up every 45mins dark roast

* The I need to keep up with a toddler all day French press

* Finally had a good night sleep but still feel like shit roast

* I’m breast feeding so can’t drink copious coffees drop

* I have to take them out in public espresso

When you have your first baby your inclined to check on them every time you hear even the most minuscule noise coming from their bed, second baby you know not to check on them unless you know their awake or to check if their still breathing!

First baby you’re waiting for each milestone to happen, second baby you don’t want them to happen nearly as fast! You remember how fast time goes by.

You’re so ready to start solids and have everything prepared and researched first time, second baby comes around you honestly don’t care what month it is or how old they are they ain’t ready for it yet and quite frankly neither am I!

First baby you don’t realise how disgusting all the poo and wee is and when you get covered in it, you momentarily forget who’s more important, the babies bum/body or your clothes/hands, second baby your fine getting covered in shit and piss it doesn’t even revolt you anymore! And most of the time the toddler has covered you in snot anyway!

With the first baby you are very conscious of who you pass the baby off too and for how long, second baby you don’t really mind as long as you have a free hand for a few minutes!

First time parents don’t know how truly magical bribes are until there’s another child screaming and your begging the toddler to get out of a tree or come inside so that your able to change or feed the baby

When you think you couldn’t possibly love another little person more than your first born, and then when your holding your new baby in your arms you realise that you can fit in just as much love for both of them and you just burst with so much joy and elation because you made them and now you get to love them both forever.

When you’ve already been a parent for a while you think you’ve learnt some of the tips and tricks to survive, and then when that new baby comes you realise that you have to learn a whole new method because those tips and tricks may be helpful, but they were helpful when there was only one baby. This is a whole new ball game, one you as a family is learning and navigating together. We all may have been a bit too precious with our first born and a bit more lackadaisical and cool with our seconds (or thirds or fourths?) but that doesn’t mean we love them any less or any differently we just become different parents. I laugh at myself most days, it’s a tough gig but I wouldn’t change it for the world! Just looking at them makes you so happy and even when you’ve had a super tough day and they have finally, finally gone to sleep, you catch yourself starring at photos of them hoping to god they don’t wake up for a few hours!


The baby period strikes again!

I thought I would have years and years and years before all our cycles lined up, alas I was wrong. Absolutely, completely WRONG! Last week was the week from hell. The minute I get my first period since giving birth both girls go through their baby period. I was feeling so confident that I had this double kid parenting thing down and then bam wham pow I get the double whammy!

So when I feel like I’m dying and my stomach and back are aching and my uterus feels as if it may fall out my ass! The littlest babe starts screaming for no reason and is only semi calm when your standing and bouncing! (Seriously why?!) Won’t sleep for longer than ten minutes during the day, and is so out of sorts. The bigger babe just has to have constant melt downs over freaking nothing! (No nutella is not a valid breakfast choice) And chooses to have optional deafness ninetynine percent of the time. So between both children having seperate melt downs and mumma just wanting to curl into a ball and hide in the corner of my room eating a massive tub of ice cream I had to man up and not have my own tantrum.

Hubby came home on Friday afternoon and within an hour of being home was ready to go back to work it was that full on and demonic. He dreaded having girls purely for this reason. That time of the month where a ‘man cave’ is a necessity. To be perfectly honest I don’t blame him!

It’s as if there’s something in the water or the cosmos to tell females big or small to start acting possessed. It was the first time since having both girls that I thought I honestly couldn’t do it.

I hate feeling as if I have no power or that the kids are beating me but when nothing is working and everyone is being crazy emotional it seems improbable that you’re going to catch a break.

On social media we see so many families with perfect children, everyone is angelic, smiling, clean, tidy, they’ve had the perfect days and you’re just trying to hold back the tears whilst the toddler is fighting sleep for the third night in a row and you’re eating ice cream over the babies head! For a stay at home parent or even working parents it’s so beneficial to be honest with the realities of parenting. We have shitty days, we even have shitty weeks but that doesn’t mean that their going to last forever or that our kids are going to be possessed for life, well let’s hope not!

Parenting is one tough gig and it’s not always rainbows and unicorns. We can’t always hide behind perfect smiles and pretty backgrounds, or witty captions. Parenting is hard!

Parenting is hiding the tears behind laughter

Parenting is baby wearing to stop the tears

Parenting is distracting the toddler so you can piss by yourself for once that year

Parenting is breaking every ideal you had before you became a parent

Parenting is bouncing up and down all day and smashing your Fitbit goal without doing any exercise

Parenting is letting your kid go to the supermarket in whatever they have managed to dress themselves in, no matter how embarrassing.

Parenting is listening intently to the rambling about anything they have to say

Parenting is saying no and then dealing with the tantrum

Parenting is bribing them to eat their dinner

Parenting is being up at all hours of the night

Parenting is surviving off caffeine and waiting for an appropriate hour for wine

Parenting is being covered in vomit or shit or piss

Parenting is constant cleaning up a mess that isn’t yours

Parenting is loving them even when you want to kill them

Parenting is keeping your cool even when their having a tantrum in the supermarket

Parenting is going to the park every single day and talking to other parents you don’t really want too

Parenting is pretending you have all your shit together

Parenting is not washing your hair for days on end

Parenting is having a little bit of you living and breathing on the outside

Parenting is loving the crap out of your kids even though they drive you absolutely crazy

This parenting thing is bloody hard but so rewarding, even when they have their baby period and being right little turds you still want to kiss and hug them. You still want to smother them and take a million photos of their every move so you never forget how smushy they were. Even on the worst weeks you still love there possessed little souls!

I thought the baby period was bad with one baby but two! Oh hot damn!

At least with a toddler you’re able to ignore them to some extent, with a baby you can’t ignore them and sometimes they cry for absolutely no reason and want to be rocked whilst your standing on one foot upside down rubbing your stomach. And when it happens in sync there really is no winning, they are going to be cray cray for a few days. So instead of getting worked up and frustrated at their moods, work with it, embrace the chaos and know that it’s just a phase. As I have said before the baby period is a real thing!

Hip health

I was born with hip dysplasia. I was a breach baby (natural birth!) and unfortunately came out with a horrendous hip condition. I was put into a brace to try and correct the formation and dimension of my hips for months when I was an infant. This seemed to have helped, I had multiple scans and checks whilst I was in primary school and everything seemed fine and normal. I was in no pain and lived a very normal life. However when I hit puberty and went through all those fun changes so did my seemingly fine hips. All of a sudden I was in excruciating pain and some days I was completely unable to move, feeling as if my hips had literally “popped” out of their sockets. It wasn’t an instantaneous realisation that something was yet again wrong with my pelvis, however after further investigation it seemed to be the only option.

At this stage I was about thirteen, and got an x-ray which outlined that I had minimal coverage on my hip socket and the cartilage and bone was grinding away and was somewhat “popping” out of place. It was excruciating and a really heartbreaking diagnosis for my mother and me. Surgery wasn’t the first thing on the cards, not by a long shot. I did about a year of pilates and near daily gym workouts to try and strengthen my core and my overall body. However as much as we tried to prevent the invasive surgery it was inevitable, otherwise I’d be getting a hip replacement at thirty. So for the first time in my entire life I was admitted to hospital, went under general anaesthetic and had a very major surgery. I had what is called periacetabular osteotomy. Which is basically where I got my pelvis broken, moved over to cover my hip joint and pinned into place. They can’t do both hips at once otherwise you would never learn how to walk again so all together I’ve had three surgeries. For two I had to learn how to walk again, which is not a pleasant or easy task and the third was to remove the pins. I also couldn’t do anything for myself. I couldn’t get up, walk, shower, go to the toilet, get myself anything, dress myself, concentrate on anything for very long (I was on way too many pain killers), get myself anything to eat or drink and I was couch ridden for six straight weeks. It was a very rough process.

I had to rely on my mother and my partner for everything, I was totally helpless. I am very thankful to my mum that we went through this process because I can see now that it benefitted my future but at the time it was soul crushing. I think that’s where some of my anxiety and depression came from. There is something very awkward about being washed by your mother when your fifteen/sixteen years old!

However I got through all my surgeries I trained and did physio and hydro therapy consistently and my bones developed how they always should have been. A year after my last surgery I got pregnant with Milla and we were all a bit cautious with how my pelvis would cope with the pregnancy but my surgeon remained steadfast that everything would be absolutely fine and sure enough he was right.

Hip dysplasia doesn’t just run on my side of the family, my sister in law also suffered with it as a child so with having a girl we were quite dubious that maybe it would carry on, luckily with Milla she’s fine. However I am that persistent mum and will keep getting her pelvis checked as she gets older! Any who second time around and another girl the unease swept through, however we had received good news with Milla so why should it be any different?

I went into the ultrasound self assured that we’d receive the best news and we could continue with our life worry free. However that wasn’t the case and as the nurse ultrasounded her tiny little pelvis I could see on the screen that there was something a bit wrong and then my heart broke, the nurse told me what I had been thinking. There didn’t seem to be enough coverage. “Nothing to worry about” but we’d have to get another ultrasound to check the severity. Yeah nothing to freaking worry about! Coming from my background of hip problems that was a lot to worry about. I had to stop myself from crying right then and there and pick my broken heart up from the ground. There was nothing I dreaded more then hearing those words, to me that was one of my worst nightmares that my poor girls would have to suffer dodgy hips like I did.

I know it’s too early to know for sure and we haven’t been given a diagnosis yet and fingers crossed they may form naturally but until I know for sure my mind is going to be in over drive.

As a parent we never want our children to suffer, and having to have to go through such an invasive and painful process I would never want to wish that upon one of my kids. We try and protect our children as much as we can, as much as I’m not a religious person I am praying that my little Billie girl is fine and that we don’t have to go through that process but at the same time I’m preparing myself for the worst just in case. We as a family would be strong for her and see where her hip journey goes. I think that it’s just a reminder that sometimes life really does throw us curve balls and it’s how we deal with them that proves how strong we are, we have to embrace all of life’s ups and downs and accept the good and bad.

I know that it could be so much worse and that she’s not dying and she doesn’t have an incurable disease and she might be absolutely fine, I’m just preparing myself for whatever the outcome may be.

Raising two little girls with anxiety.

As I have expressed before and quite openly I have struggled with anxiety and depression most of my life and probably some sort of body dysmorphia. I have always struggled with how my body looks for many personal reasons that don’t make sense to anybody but me, however that’s just my internal battle. I also have two daughters. As a mother of two daughters I would hate to wish any sort of body loathing on them. However it is EVERYWHERE! We are exposed to so many images of “perfect” each and everyday so how the hell as a parent do we stop them loathing their bodies one day? 

On any programs we watch we are exposed to slender female characters, with perfect unblemished skin, styled hair and make up, designer clothes, etc. Only recently have we seen a more diverse array of woman; plus size women, curvy women, women with health issues, coloured women and this is such a positive direction that society is going, however that doesn’t mean that young girls aren’t going to self hate one day. (I know that it’s not just girls that self loathe however I’m writing for the sole purpose of my daughters.) A survey by Glamour Magazine revealed that 97% of women are waging brutal war against their bodies. That is a crap load of girls!!! I don’t want my daughters to be part of that statistic! So how in the world am I, one of those 97% of women going to curb my internal feelings so that I don’t influence my girls to ‘hate’ themselves?! It is something that really does haunt me. How can my anxiety and thoughts not reflect negatively on my girls? Well I figure it starts with me and to not portray a pessimistic view on my self image or anybody else’s self image. Although I know that’s going to be a lot harder in practise then just said… and by no means am I an expert in all of this. 
From a young age we have to teach our girls that ‘everybody is different’ and that that is a good, positive, healthy thing.
I tell my daughters they are beautiful and amazing multiple times throughout the day and I always will. As they grow up I know their needs are going to change and so will their bodies, however they will always be beautiful (at least to me!) and as long as they are healthy and happy in themselves then I know I’m doing the best that I can. 

We as a family try to live a reasonably healthy lifestyle, I exercise nearly everyday, we all eat a healthy balanced diet, we don’t use nasty products on our skin and we always encourage playing outside when possible. My baby daddy and I have always been very open with our bodies around our daughters never hiding away, so that from a young age they know what is ‘normal’ and what is theirs and how to respect and understand their bodies. I know that a toddler and a baby don’t fully comprehend these things extensively however I believe that this is one step in a positive self loving direction. Even if a very minor one at a young incorrigible age.  
As we grow up we’re told “It’s what’s on the inside that counts” which is absolutely true. However what makes us as individuals disregard that notion and purely focus on our exterior facade? I genuinely don’t have an answer for this. Although I think in some ways we’re programmed to look at what we see around us and aspire to ‘look’ that way, ‘act’ that way and forget what nearly every parent has once said. Me included. 
However it’s a reasonably accurate phrase, if we’re able to love or even embrace ourselves with how we are on the inside, then surely the rest of society would be able too? It seems like such an easy notion in theory and yet so many women battle this self loathing feeling and dwell on their appearances. It’s not really that important and yet I am one of those 97% of women that can’t shake the feeling that I need to work on how I look to please myself in a lot of regards. Writing this piece makes me realise just how self involving and how mindless these thoughts are. 

Somewhat ironically I have the phrase “I’m enough the way I am” tattooed on my collarbone. As much as my anxiety plagues me and I have self loathing thoughts that sentiment grounds me, that little bit that I need to strive to be a strong role model for my kids.
The human female body is remarkable, we are able to grow and nourish little baby humans. And dismally that is where some of my self hate comes from. And this is the same for other mummas. Instead of detesting myself from the changes that were made to my body from pregnancy and child birth I/we should embrace them, accept that that is what made us the mum we are. I shouldn’t blame my kids for making me who I am now and they should never feel that they cause these feelings. 

Just because I endure anxiety that does not mean I have to let it encompass who I am. It doesn’t mean I am going to let it defeat me, and it doesn’t mean I am going to let it tarnish my girls in a negative manner. 
We as a society, as mums, as parents, as a community have to start to break down societies images of “perfect” and teach our children that every bodies different, it’s ok to be different and to look different and to be who you want to be is considerably admirable. Perfect may be different to everybody, so be your own version of perfect not somebody else’s. That is something that I am learning to live by, as I learn to love my new “mum bod.” I don’t have all the answers and I could be wrong in my approach, however I am open to exploring new methods in defeating self loathing or in combatting it developing in my daughters. We will have to see how this progresses as we as a family learn and grow together. I just hope they love themselves and that I can be a strong and inspiring role model for my girlies. 

The perfect mum

When you first discover you’re pregnant you have so
Many ideas of what kind of parent or mum you’re going to be:
* You’re only going to dress your child in designer clothes
* Their never going to be grotty or have snot running down their face
* You’re always going to look your best when you leave the house (no ‘mum buns’)
* You’re never going to be late or be disorganised
* You’re only going to feed your child organic or sugar free or preservative free or you’re going to cook every single meal for them
* You’re going to have a set routine from the time their a newborn
* You’re child is never going to have a tantrum or act out in public
* You’re going to have the latest baby items and the prettiest nursery
* Have the cleanest house
* The best group of mummy friends
* You’re going to maintain all your previous friendships
* Your not going to get post natal depression or develop anxiety or any other mental illness
* You’re relationship with your partner won’t change!
* You’ll make time for yourself regularly
* You’ll get your pre baby body back
* Your child won’t watch copious amounts of tv or have a dummy
* Your child will sleep through the night
* You’ll have dinner on the table the second your partner walks through the door
* Your house will forever be clean and you’ll have time to clean it regularly
You’ll have everything planned out precisely to enable you’re visage of the ‘perfect’ mother that you’re going to be, and then all that planning, all that preparing gets shattered. Absolutely obliterated when you’re exhausted, unwashed, disheveled head to toe and still rocking when the baby is asleep. You’ll have the same greasy ‘mum bun’ and consistently dress in ‘active wear’ or just always be in comfy clothes, unless it’s completely dire you dress yourself to head out the door.
Your perception of the ‘perfect’ mum that you hoped you would be is gone, annihilated, demolished! However that doesn’t make you a bad mum! That just makes you a mum!
Sure you can compare yourself to what you see on Facebook or Instagram of the perfectly preened mums, with the clear complexions, the clean coloured hair, the perfect backgrounds with the fanciest most expensive non stained outfits on the least grubby child you’ve ever seen, and the least tired new mother smiling heavenly. But that’s not real! More than likely she’s just like us and that photo that is racking up the likes is just for show and has taken A LOT of effort to put together!
It’s easy to make things appear a certain way, take an amazing photo and watch the likes sky rocket, but it’s not reality and that’s ok too! It’s ok to be tired and struggling and to be rocking the ‘mum bun,’ and it’s ok our kids aren’t ‘perfect’ or just like so and so’s Insta-famous kids. It’s ok that our perception of what we’d be like or what we wanted are a bit warped because parenting is freaking difficult and being a mum is bloody hard!
But it is also incredibly rewarding, we might not be like what we pictured back all those months ago, when we just had flutters in our belly or what we see on social media, but not everything we see is accurate or real. Your child will think you’re perfect and you are perfect in your own way. But truly none of us are really perfect, that in itself is totally unrealistic and a bit boring if you ask me! Just be you!
It took me a while to stop carrying about what people thought of me as a parent, my child is healthy and happy and to me that is all that matters. She doesn’t have a fancy pram or expensive clothes, she runs around naked more than she’s dressed, she doesn’t have every toy you see on social media, and I don’t buy from brands on instagram (even though I sometimes want too), she’s had a dummy for far too long, and we’re still trying to toilet train, I wear pj’s more than I wear regular clothes! I should probably shower more, and clean my floors more regularly!
My mum bun rocks!
My idea of how I wanted to be as a parent is gone! But I am happy, we are happy and my child is healthy and to her I am perfect. Don’t try and live up to an expectation, just be the best that you can be and that you can offer your child.

Those days where the kids just break you!

I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy hormones but some days are a lot tougher and more taxing than others. Days where you’re literally reduced to tears and wanting to give up on the day, even when it’s only eight am!
Days where you can rigorously say/tell/scream the same thing at your child and they will still turn around and do the same exact thing they just got in trouble for!

Days where it takes two hours for them to have a nap even when their exhausted

Days where they blatantly ignore every single word that you say, and pretend that their deaf!

Days where they tell you their hungry all bloody day but won’t actually eat anything you give them

Days where they repeatedly pull your hair or poke you in the eye, because it’s so funny hurting mummy! NOT

Days where your partner has to faithfully intervene, enough for you to regroup your emotions to tactfully get through the rest of the day/night. (Days you are really bloody thankful for your other half or just help!)

Days where you seriously question if you’re a good mum or even a decent one

Days where you contemplate opening that bottle of wine before dinner time, or even before twelve pm!

Days where you solemnly contemplate if your child is possessed by the devil and not just as a joke

Days where you really have to wonder where that nice little person went

And days where you wish they were over before they have even started

Writing this makes me feel awful that I’ve even thought theses things (I’m probably not alone though) however at the end of these god awful days, where you’ve more than likely had a cry or drink (I’m totally not judging I’ve had quite a few cries in the last few weeks) and you’re putting your little gremlin to bed, praying that tomorrow is going to be a better day and all of a sudden they grab hold of you and give you a mammoth cuddle or tell you that they love you or even just don’t resist your goodnight cuddle, you know that all those crappy moments during the day are just them testing their boundaries, learning, discovering and being a kid.
Every crappy day is worth it because there’s always a good one coming and no matter what you’re going to love you’re kiddies no matter what mood they or you are in.

Also I think that if you’ve suffered or still suffer from depression or anxiety these feelings/days can quite easily escalate in your head and make it all seem a lot worse. I have anxiety and I know that in my experience these crappy days really play with my emotions and make me feel as if I’m failing my child. It takes a lot of encouragement and self assurance to overcome the day and see the positive. However if you can think of a mantra or moto to remember that the kids are just testing you and learning their boundaries it makes it a lot easier to breathe through the day. Parenting is extremely overwhelming and the hardest job you’ll probably ever do, there’s no right or wrong way, and unfortunately there isn’t a handbook you get given when their born! Nonetheless everyday is a new learning experience for both of you and everyday is totally worth it in the bigger scheme of things

Love for two babies

I have been debating whether or not to write about this for a few¬†weeks now, purely because I didn’t want followers/friends/family or even strangers to possibly think I was a ‘bad’ parent. However despite my brain overthinking absolutely everything I think it’s positive to air these feelings out.

When you have a baby and become a parent you experience the most overwhelming love and adoration for your child EVER! You know you would do absolutely anything for that tiny, pink, wiggly bubba that has just been placed on your chest for the very first time, and in that second you know that place on your chest in your heart and life will forever be its home. You have a better understanding of why your mum or grandmother cry at just about anything, you understand how women can take bullets/natural disasters/cars for their children and how they can forsake their own happiness for the benefit of their kids.

Because you’re a mum, that is your role in this world. From the second that their born that love eminates and even when their little shits your still going to love them and want to smother them in kisses and cuddles until their your little angel again.

However my anxiety has been thinking lately; how do you have that much love in your heart for two babies? I know that it is completely unfair for me to even think that, but honestly how is it possible to contemplate having that much love again when you already have one child. I know that it’s just going to come naturally when little miss is born and with us earth side, but for now I just keep thinking that my heart is going to implode with sharing that much love for two little girls. I can’t begin to imagine what that must feel like with numerous children! How do you share that fairly amongst them? (Because we all know you can’t have favourites!) it seems almost impossible to consider how that happens, however Milla doesn’t seem phased by it at all, she has an incredible bond with her sister already and is so excited to meet her that it reassures me to no end, that it is in fact possible to love two humans that incredulously much. But isn’t it a scary thought for any soon to be second/third/fourth time parents? Or is it just crazy people like me?!